Who We Are

Floridians for Better Transportation (FBT) is a statewide business and transportation association – created in 1988 by the Florida Chamber of Commerce and the Florida Council of 100 – dedicated to making transportation:

We know that Florida’s economy is “transportation-based” and our quality of life is dependent on a good and adequately-funded transportation system. Simply put, transportation is what makes safety, freedom, and prosperity possible in Florida!

FBT has a growing and diverse membership of businesses, organizations, and individuals, including:

Floridians for Better Transportation, is a state-wide concern and among its many activities, clearly focuses upon also addressing the transportation needs of the less fortunate in Florida - including every population census tract in the State of Florida designated by the federal government as a low-income community and all individuals living and working therein. This is done to encourage and advance public and private investment in not only transportation and transportation infrastructure, but to advance economic development statewide so as to positively impact results, including those affecting transportation in a wide variety of ways, among the broadest reach of low-income communities and low-income individuals in Florida. This activity, although focused upon these less fortunate areas or less fortunate individuals serves, to increase employment and investment in these areas and in the long run inures to the benefit all of Florida’s citizens, landowners, businesses, local governments and visitors. In early August of 2013, FBT’s President Matthew D. Ubben accepted a public service appointment to share statewide with a series of not for profit community development organizations advise concerning FBT’s insight and experience resulting from doing business in these areas and to assist in better matching available funding to meaningful investment in these low-income communities and areas statewide.