2018 Transportation Summer Camp Recap

Did you miss it?!

Hopefully you were lucky enough to see it all in person. But if you missed our 2018 Transportation Summer Camp (we're not going to sugar coat it), boy, oh boy...you REALLY missed out!

The 2018 Transportation Summer Camp was truly a time to collaborate and engage with some of today's most provocative transportation experts - the "big dreamers and big doers". Professionals across multiple entities came together to share their knowledge, insight, industry intel and personal stories. It was, no doubt, the network opportunity of the year as our guests left with a refreshed perspective on travel and future commerce. 

The event was lined with extraordinary speakers from start to finish, headlined by author, travel writer and TV host, Andrew Evans

Unfortunately, due to certain copyright restrictions, we're unable to share ALL the content from the conference. However, we would like to share some of the event's presentations, which you can find in the media section below.

FBT Kicks off the 2018 Transportation Summer Camp!

Check out our opening video from FBT's 2018 Transportation Summer Camp!

Event Materials

2018 Summer Camp Program (pdf)


REMI Presentation (pdf)


Elaine Nessle (pptx)


Joe Waggoner (pptx)


Marian Johnson (pptx)


Peter King (pptx)